Change Log

- BRAVE branding and configuration
- Added support for creating shortest route via
- You can now set destination and waypoints by right clicking a system
- Fixed errors when you are in a wormhole system (map chain comming soon tm)
- You can now change background image for the map (default is now black)
- Redid how wormholes are tracked. Please report any bugs
- Fixed a bug on compact/popout view so that submitting signatures now correctly redirects.
- Did some changes in the database how times are shown and stored. Please report any bugs.
- In alliance MOTD now
- WH connections will be paid.
- Paid out huge backlog of payments
- Put this changelog on login screen
- You are no longer required to scan down combat signatures to it's name
- I will no longer do payouts


What is this website?

Ever found a signature on your scanning adventures that you don't want to run, and don't want to make your own spreadsheet about where you were and what signatures did you encounter.
Ever questioned yourself if the signatures in your particular system were already scanned by previous visitors.
This website is a crowdsource effort to document unknown signatures in our space.

How does it work?

Website tracks your system in game via ESI, and shows you if and how many signatures were already scanned and submited by previous explorers.

How does it track my system in game?

You have to login via eve single sign on and then it makes ESI call to get your current system. I do not store any information.

How do i submit scanned signatures?

See this link for basic guide I'm looking for someone to create better one

How do i login?

Simple! Just click Documentation on eve-sso login: EVE-O Forum post

What is in it for me?

- It saves you time
- You don't have to create your own spreadsheet